The world’s first GPS solar watch*1

*1 Released the world’s first GPS solar watch in September, 2012

This watch can be set to the precise local time by just one button operation anywhere in the world. This watch quickly adjusts the time by receiving GPS signals from GPS satellites.*2

*2 Time zones around the world are subject to change depending on governmental policies. For details about Time Zone, please visithere.In regions where the time zone has changed, it cannot be accurately reflected. When the watch is used near time zone boundaries, make sure to check the time zone setting, and manually set the time zone as necessary.

  • Always Accurate Automatic Time Adjustment

    Whenever the dial is exposed to bright light, the watch automatically receives GPS signals in 5 seconds. This is Seiko’s unique technology.

  • High reception performance of an exclusive Seiko ring antenna

    An exclusive Seiko ring antenna placed under the dial ring is suitable for automatic reception as it can easily receive signals regardless of posture.